Friday, 4 December 2015

Warehousing to play a pivotal role in success of e-commerce

Major ups and downs have happened in all industries in the yesteryears. As networks are enhanced and tenancies expire, businesses have looked to combine bigger “big box” warehouses. The rapid growth of e-commerce is one of the key drivers of this shift.

Besides the development of e-commerce industry as a section of total sales, there are other vital logistical elements that are driving the development. Major is the unification of a business’s order fulfillment systems, letting the customary brick-and-mortar sales channel to be united with the e-commerce strategy. 

It’s been a multi-year progress of firms to merge their heritage order fulfillment systems, geared to long lead times and foretelling models, with that of the direct to customer model of e-commerce. Now that many firms have finished the combining of these stages, and the tenancies for the related services have completed, it’s stress-free for businesses to take a bigger footmark and plan a space where numerous order fulfillment systems can co-exist in the same building.

The additional driver of warehouse absorption is the sustained development in warehouse management and material handling systems. By keeping a correct opinion of what’s going on inside its facilities, these progresses in technology let businesses to take benefit of the competences that can be obtained with a single big place. Without the contemporary WMS and MH systems we can’t get warehouses tactic the scale they are now.

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  1. You must have a procurement and logistics system in place with an existing warehouse, operating within the same system. This is where a TMS or transport management system can help.
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