Friday, 4 December 2015

Warehousing to play a pivotal role in success of e-commerce

Major ups and downs have happened in all industries in the yesteryears. As networks are enhanced and tenancies expire, businesses have looked to combine bigger “big box” warehouses. The rapid growth of e-commerce is one of the key drivers of this shift.

Besides the development of e-commerce industry as a section of total sales, there are other vital logistical elements that are driving the development. Major is the unification of a business’s order fulfillment systems, letting the customary brick-and-mortar sales channel to be united with the e-commerce strategy. 

It’s been a multi-year progress of firms to merge their heritage order fulfillment systems, geared to long lead times and foretelling models, with that of the direct to customer model of e-commerce. Now that many firms have finished the combining of these stages, and the tenancies for the related services have completed, it’s stress-free for businesses to take a bigger footmark and plan a space where numerous order fulfillment systems can co-exist in the same building.

The additional driver of warehouse absorption is the sustained development in warehouse management and material handling systems. By keeping a correct opinion of what’s going on inside its facilities, these progresses in technology let businesses to take benefit of the competences that can be obtained with a single big place. Without the contemporary WMS and MH systems we can’t get warehouses tactic the scale they are now.

Yale and Maini offer comprehensive warehousing solutions and equipment for your e-commerce warehouses. For more details on Racking solutions & Material handling in e-commerce Warehouses, please visit and 

Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Cold store Material Handling & Warehousing

The need for a superior customer experience is driving a massive transformation in the cold chain industry. Cold chain industry is undergoing huge pressure on costs and hence improving productivity has become an imperative. The total market value of Indian cold chain industry is expected to reach Rs 64,000 crore by end by 2017 and is expected to register a magnificent CAGR of around 25.8 per cent. The location of cold storages in India is highly concentrated to a few states. Uttar Pradesh, West Bengal, Punjab, Gujarat etc., are the hubs of cold storages in India.

Modern material handling equipment with optimum racking solutions drives efficiency in cold chain warehousing. Cold store warehouses are now opting for Double-deep stacking ,both Cold  and Dry Store facilities , where multiple pallets of the same products must be stored and high product turn-over rates are conducive to the FILO, (First in Last Out), principal. The double deep storage upsurges warehouse capacity by up to 30% compared to "single-deep" warehouse manoeuvres,  allowing the lift truck to access all double-deep storage spaces from a single aisle. It has become a very popular choice in "high throughput" operations as it maximizes space utilization and improves storage density in order to help reduce operational costs, but has a range of challenges which needs to be dealt with 

Double deep reach trucks are designed specifically for demanding applications with greater lift and travel speeds and higher lift heights. It permits operators to be seated, lean or stand with optimum flexibility. Double-deep reach trucks reach twofold as deep as average forks and has competency of handling two pallets from the same side of the aisle leading to improved accessibility, saving up to 30% floor space.
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Monday, 2 November 2015

Why to Get an Automatic Modular Vertical Storage Solution?

In country like India, with ever changing consumer demand, need of smart warehouse is a must. A complete fully automatic warehouse system allows manufacturer to keep track of stock requirements and vastly improve delivery lead time but comes with a significant cost of investment. Nonetheless, by using proved, high efficient and relatively simple automated system such as Vertical lift technology, manufacturers can easily increase the storage capacity with the existing floor area as well as efficiency in the factory manifold.

Armes Maini comes with a completely automatic modular vertical storage solution named Vertimag®. Vertimag works on goods to man principle and is a perfect solution for managing materials of every size, mass and magnitudes. It has significant vertical extension and as an option is designed to have one or more work station on the same machine. It is an ideal solution for small parts storage and recommended for slow to medium moving items.

Two of the  leading  brands in  material handling and storage solutions, Ferretto Group from  Italy  and  Maini Group from  India, joined  hands to  form  Armes Maini Storage systems private limited. The  company  provides end-to-end solutions  pertaining  to  Racks,  Mezzanines  and  Automatic  Storage  Solutions

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Thursday, 8 October 2015

How To Select The Right Material Handling Equipment For Your Warehouse?

In a warehouse or facility, ineptly organized material, inventory mismanagement and over-handling takes a toll on your profitability. Well managed and handled materials makes a huge difference in efficient operations. With the permutation and combinations of capacity, lift heights and other specifications, a wide range of material handling equipment for floor transportation, towing, stacking, loading / unloading and lifting are available in the market today.
Given this, having the answer to a few critical questions before getting into the intricacies of equipment selection, is necessary.

  1. Space requirement for operations and material storage
  2. Storage systems and racking arrangements in place also impacts the choice of material handling equipment.Aisle width & distance and ceiling height are key determinants in the space deficient warehouses and facilities and creating a fit is important for achieving desired efficiency.
  3. Products and material to be handled by the use of equipment
  4. Anticipated operations in the supply chain from production to warehousing.

This information is vital in determining the requirement in terms of material handling equipment and selecting the apt one. Apart from the above, mapping of the future business activities and expansion plans is also necessary as it directly impacts your processes. With higher cost of ownership, foresightedness in emphasized on while procuring material handling equipment. If these parameters not taken into account with changing business scenario, the equipment may become obsolete for your evolving operations. Hence, maintaining flexibility in the fleet of material handling equipment selected plays a pivotal role in determining the type of equipment to be hand-picked.

No one will have a second opinion on the statement that selecting the correct equipment can do beyond maximize space. Analysis of the above mentioned parameters will go a long way in improving your warehouse processes, increasing your warehouse efficiency and will impact supply chain productivity at large. 

Thursday, 1 October 2015

Maini Express - Next Generation Customer Engagement initiative

With limitless options for solutions and services, greater access to information, and the power to share their opinions through different medium, today the customer is colossal. Embracing this new generation customer is crucial for companies as every interaction with them has a potential to earn business. Hence, “Customer First” approach is proving to be a critical success factor for forward-thinking organizations.Brands with this approach implement proactive strategies to enrich customer experience.
Maini Group with their rich legacy has always been driven by technology and innovation.The brand philosophy of Maini Group is “Value delivered. Always.”It is an indisputable truth that Maini strives to offer the right solutions to the market making sure that they work at the lowest total cost of ownership. 
Being a major player in material handling & warehousing space, Maini Material Movement upholds “Customer first” policy and customer oriented strategies. Aunique Next Generation Customer Engagement initiative - Maini express is another step toward this approach. It gives an opportunity for decision makers, influencers as well as end users to touch-and-feel comprehensive range of material handling and warehousing solutions. It makes the things easier for them to select the right products for their material handling and warehousing needs. Demonstration of Stackers, Tow Truck, Pallet trucks, Yale Forklift truck at Maini Express creates prospect for getting a crystal clear idea about the products and their applications.
Maini Express has been receiving enthusiastic response at every location. With a planned coverage of 50+ cities and more than 200 industrial hubs pan India, the ‘Mobile Experience centre’ has touched 15 cities, 22 industrial hubs with over 600 visitors across North India.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Versatile and Maneuverable Yale Maini Reach truck

It is an indisputable fact that Reach trucks are the key elements for modern warehouses. Most of the warehouses frequently use distinctive types of reach trucks, as they are designed mainly for warehouse operation, giving full lift height with outstanding maneuverability. This blog takes your attention to one of latest reach trucks from Yale & Maini -“The Yale-Maini MR series”

This innovative model from Yale-Maini is multipurpose, maneuverable and gives to the best utilization of warehouse space and gets the most out of pallet throughput. Fully adjustable display and steering console ensures steering at most comfortable position for the operator.

The outstanding visibilities through the operator compartment and Class leading ergonomics have a pivotal role in making the model operator friendly. Advanced AC technology and CANbus technology from Yale makes it the most desired warehousing product. These reach trucks are now “Made in India” at Maini Materials Movement manufacturing facility at Bangalore, thus reducing the lead time as well.

Maini Materials Movement in association with Yale is presenting a mobile experience center called Maini Express. #MainiExpress en routes to cover more than 50 cities and 200+ industrial hubs across India. Maini Express offers “Touch-and-feel experience” of Yale & Maini range of Material handling equipment.

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Monday, 14 September 2015

Delivering high performance and low energy consumption with Yale counterbalanced forklifts

Nowadays, it is vital for the companies to make certain the smooth running of their warehouses. Insufficient Warehouse Space, Slow Picking Processes, inefficiency and less productivity are some of the key problems faced.

The Yale CF series forklift truck will be handy for figuring out the above mentioned difficulties, as it is energy saving and productive. CF series–4 wheel electric forklift trucks from Yale marks great on operator comfort with its virtually graceful operations.Clean and highly maneuverable CF series of forklift trucks are best for use in a wide range of tough applications. 

Yale’s CF is elegantly designed with an intention to offer you a cost effective truck that is high on performance and energy saving. Long wheelbase, low profile tyres and a heavy battery set (DBB) increase machine stability and make the truck good in appeal.

Maini in association with Yale presents Maini Express , a mobile experience centre covering more than 50 cities and 200 + industrial hubs across the country to provide an exclusive “touch and feel” experience of YaleCF series electric forklift.

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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Maini Express - Driven by Innovation and Technology

A prominent player in material handling and storage solutions space, Maini Materials Movement (A Maini Group company) in association with NACCO Materials Handling Group (NMHG), USA has flagged off its ‘Mobile Experience Centre - Maini Express’ in style.
Maini Express
It is first-in-the-industry initiative to bring comprehensive warehousing and material handling solutions at the customers’ doorstep.

Maini Materials Movement has a strategic alliance with NMHG, USA for the sale of Yale brand of counterbalance forklift trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, very narrow aisle equipment and the manufacture of the RCF series and MR series in India.

Maini Express, launched in Gurgaon on 24th August, will be covering more than 50 cities with stopovers at 200+ industry hubs across the country. This mobile experience centre provides opportunity for decision makers, influencers as well as end users to touch-and-feel complete range of material handling equipment enabling them to choose right products for their applications.

Demos of Stackers, Tow Truck, Pallet trucks, Yale Forklift truck and spot booking deals make the Centre meritorious. It is an indisputable fact that “Maini express” is paving the way for customers to experience warehousing and material handling solutions in their city.