Monday, 2 November 2015

Why to Get an Automatic Modular Vertical Storage Solution?

In country like India, with ever changing consumer demand, need of smart warehouse is a must. A complete fully automatic warehouse system allows manufacturer to keep track of stock requirements and vastly improve delivery lead time but comes with a significant cost of investment. Nonetheless, by using proved, high efficient and relatively simple automated system such as Vertical lift technology, manufacturers can easily increase the storage capacity with the existing floor area as well as efficiency in the factory manifold.

Armes Maini comes with a completely automatic modular vertical storage solution named Vertimag®. Vertimag works on goods to man principle and is a perfect solution for managing materials of every size, mass and magnitudes. It has significant vertical extension and as an option is designed to have one or more work station on the same machine. It is an ideal solution for small parts storage and recommended for slow to medium moving items.

Two of the  leading  brands in  material handling and storage solutions, Ferretto Group from  Italy  and  Maini Group from  India, joined  hands to  form  Armes Maini Storage systems private limited. The  company  provides end-to-end solutions  pertaining  to  Racks,  Mezzanines  and  Automatic  Storage  Solutions

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