Monday 22 August 2016

Maini Buggy – Taking Hospitality to the Next Level

The key to success in hospitality sector is impeccable service and comfort. Maini Buggy caters exceptionally well to the exacting standards of the industry calling for an efficient mode of transportation for guests, staff, F&B and supplies in hotels, spas and resorts. Maini Buggy offers models with special storage systems and facilities such as carriage boxes, multi-level shelves and temperature-controlled cabinets customized for specific needs.

Maini Buggy offers solutions for:

a.       TRANSPORTATION -For guests and luggage
·         Collapsible fold over seats for flexible transport
·         Options from 2 to 14 seater
·         Front-office guest transfers
·         Ample room for guest luggage

b.       F&B - For Room Service & Outdoor Catering
·         Designed in compliance with industry standards for
              carrying food items
·         Warming cabinets with thermostat controls and
          stainless steel cladding
·         Well insulated cold cabinet with shelves

 c.       UTILITY - For housekeeping, disposal, maintenance & cargo
·         Specially designed clothes hanger
·         Dirty linen cabinet with open top for easy access
·         Converted HDPE garbage disposer
·         Tilting facility for easy access and off – loading
·         Specially designed for on-campus maintenance
·         Provision for carrying tools, spares, portable ladders                  and other maintenance equipment

Maini Buggy also comes with option of Music system, beacon, bumper, Rain Canopy, Wiper and 2000 body color to choose from.

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Wednesday 10 August 2016

Dock Leveler - A must have for your loading bay!

Dock levelers are a necessity for loading bay in manufacturing plants & warehouses. A dock leveler is a mechanical platform which forms a bridge between the vehicle & the dock. It facilitates smooth loading & unloading operation in warehouses by ensuring that the vehicle height reaches the height of the platform. Efficiency of a warehouse largely depends on how efficiently these activities are performed. Using a dock leveler reduces manual operations & operation time hence increasing efficiency. A dock leveler can be mechanical, air or hydraulically powered and comes in many varieties to suit different uses. It is a completely customizable product.

Maini Materials Movement laid the foundation of Dock Leveler manufacturing in India. Maini offers highly efficient full hydraulic dock leveler, which provides simple, low maintenance operation for loading and unloading operations from the truck & containers. Maini Dock leveler has a unique tilt facility. When the truck is canted to one side due to unevenly distributed loads, tilt allows Dock Leveler to compensate canted condition on either side up to 100 mm. This floating action allows full width contact between the lip & the truck bed, prevents damage to tyres & steering system. Its robust steel construction and responsive & reliable hydraulic system ensures safe operation. In the current growth scenario existing in industries & warehouses, safety is paramount. Maini Dock Levelers ensure safety of operator & the people around by features like Velocity Fuse, Safety Skirt & Emergency Stop. Precision safety velocity fuse on cylinder prevents free fall of the deck in case of hose rupture / failure. Safety skirt provides additional safety by preventing accidents when the Dock Leveler is in lifted condition.

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Monday 1 August 2016

Winners Yet Again! Maini Materials Movement bags Cold Chain Industry Award for “Best Material Handling Service Provider of the Year” second year in a row!

Maini Materials Movement proved its excellence for services in cold chain by winning the Cold Chain Industry Award for “Best Material Handling Service Provider of the Year” this year again. The award ceremony was held during the 5th Edition of Cold Chain Strategy Summit at Mumbai on 17th June, 2016. The award was received by Y V Srinivas, General Manager – Sales (West Zone), Maini Materials Movement.

Cold Chain Strategy Summit is one of the most prestigious Cold Chain Event in India. With more than 175 attendees this year, the summit was thoughtfully designed to cover biggest challenges and showcase newest trends for temperature controlled supply chains in India and beyond. 

Maini offers wide range of products specialized for this domain. Yale Double Deep Reach Trucks makes material handling convenient for narrow work spaces & well-structured racking system. They are designed specifically for demanding applications like cold chain, with greater lift and travel speeds and higher lift heights. It also permits operators to be seated, lean or stand with optimum flexibility, hence bringing higher productivity. “Efficiency being a priority, our range of storage and material handling solutions are well equipped to cater to industry specific material handling requirements” said Mr S A Mohan, CEO, Maini Materials Movement, commenting on the award.

Maini Materials Movement offers a comprehensive range of material handling and warehousing solutions pertaining to cold chain industry. The range consists of galvanised pallet trucks, platform trucks, dock-levellers, lift tables, scissor lifts, stackers, Double Deep Reach trucks & forklifts and customised racking solutions.

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Saturday 2 July 2016

Yale & Maini at LOGMAT, Chennai

Yale & Maini participated & exhibited its material handling & warehousing solutions at the 4th edition of LOGMAT, South India’s largest event on logistics, warehousing and material handling. The show offers a great platform for companies from the material handling & warehousing industry to showcase their products and capabilities to the user industry segment.

Yale Double Deep Reach truck, suitable for narrow aisle warehouses and cold rooms (with subzero application) & 2.5 Ton electric forklift were on display at the Yale Maini pavilion.

Armes Maini storage & racking solutions (pallet racking, mezzanine, shelving) were showcased too to the visitors. Maini Materials Movement also introduced Goods Lift in this show. It is an ideal solution to transport material from one floor to another in a multi-level warehouse. With its smooth integration option with existing storage system and best of safety features, it was an instant attraction for the visitors at the show.

Maini Group enters its fourth decade of delivering solutions in 2013. From its modest beginning of manufacturing of precision components and assemblies for the automotive, hydraulic, material handling and engineering industry, the group has grown to become a five company entity today.  The group is widely known for its innovative and revolutionary electric car ‘REVA’ and eco- friendly material handling solutions. Maini has a strategic tie-up with Hyster-Yale Group for its ‘Yale’ range of forklifts and warehousing equipment.

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Wednesday 29 June 2016

Maini Group showcased Comprehensive Warehousing Solutions at India Warehousing Show

Maini Group participated in the 6th edition of India Warehousing Show that offered a great platform for companies from the warehousing industry to showcase their products and capabilities to the user industry segment.

Maini showcased comprehensive warehousing & material handling solutions at the show. This included display of various racking and storage solutions for warehouses (pallet racking, mezzanine, shelving) to optimize their storage space.  1 Ton battery operated pallet truck, suitable for narrow aisle warehouses and 1.5 ton Yale Maini electric forklift were also on display.

Maini Materials Movement also introduced Goods Lift in their stall. It is an ideal solution for stores and mezzanine area to transport material from one floor to another in a multi-level warehouse. With its smooth integration option with existing storage system and best of safety features, it was an instant attraction for the visitors at the show.

Rahul Sagar, AGM-Marketing, Maini group commented “The show helped us to strengthen Maini’s position as comprehensive warehousing solution provider. We received enthusiastic response from all the business visitors for our solutions. With Delhi NCR becoming a major warehousing hub in the country, the show was strategically located in Delhi.”

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Tuesday 26 April 2016

Maini Buggy – Now Available on rent

Maini Buggy makes the movement of people & cargo within a campus, easy & convenient. This efficient & eco-friendly mode of transportation has proved out to be perfect enhancements to hotels, resorts, zoos, large campuses & office premises. Looking at the rising demands & endless usage opportunities,  Maini Buggy is now available on rent also. Delight your guests by moving them on Maini Buggy. Battery operated Maini Buggy is just perfect for any occasion. No emissions, no noise & a pleasant journey. Be it a marriage, private party, an event, or an advertising campaign. Hire according to your need.

Maini Buggy in marriages: Treat you guests with pleasure, giving them a ride on Maini Buggy. We make sure your guests (especially old aged, kids, and special guests) enjoy the function without getting tired, by escorting them around the place. Decorated buggies add to the glamour of the place as well.

Maini Buggy at Events: People movement carts are a necessity at big events. It helps to move your visitors & customers at a faster pace comfortably. This saves time & helps them to have a look at the entire campus smoothly. Visitors exploring each & every corner of your exhibition increase its worth & make it productive.

Maini Buggy has been official service provider of buggies at various national events like India Aviation show, Aero India, Invest Karnataka, Vibrant Gujarat, IPL, Formula One and many more.

Maini Advertisement Buggy: Hiring a buggy for an event? Why not advertise! Maini buggy are being used at many places for advertisement purpose in large campuses. Mobile buggy with your product advertisement on it will be an interesting sight for your customers.

Opportunities are endless!! Hire a Maini Buggy for your next event!

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Wednesday 23 March 2016


Maini Materials Movement (MMM) launched its 25-ton Electric Tow Tug for aviation support applications at India Aviation 2016, held at Begumpet airport, Hyderabad from 16th to 20th March.

The 25-ton Electric Tow Tug is designed to tow small aircraft, ground support equipment, baggage trolleys and air cargo containers, among others. 

The Tug has been tested rigorously in the Indian environment at various airports and military bases. All the aviation support equipment manufactured by MMM is designed to the specific requirements of the customer with inherent flight safety features.

MMM is proud to be the first mover in this product range as a ‘Make in India’ initiative and will soon launch the 15-ton class of tow tugs.

Mr. G V Sanjay Reddy, Vice Chairman, GVK, launched the Tug at the event, said “I am so happy and proud to know that Maini has come up with electric tug for the aviation industry. It shows that good Indian companies can come up with fantastic design and compete with the best in the world” Mr. Reddy went on to wish success on this amazing ‘Make in India’ initiative by Maini Materials Movement.

Mr. Sandeep Maini, Managing Director, Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd. said, MMM has many firsts to its credit in the Electric Equipment space. The company with more than three decades of experience and expertise on cutting edge technology always focuses to meet the requirements of the domestic market. We believe, today an indigenous electric tug is one of the most needed equipment for the Indian aviation sector. I am happy that we are launching the product during ‘India Aviation 2016’.We have recognized the severe impact of long lead times for spares and after-sales service in this product range and have leveraged our present pan-India after sales network to mitigate this pain point of domestic stake holders 

A member of the Maini Group, Maini Materials Movement Pvt. Ltd (MMM) designs, manufactures and markets electrically-operated material handling equipment, in-campus people movement vehicles and aviation support equipment. The company’s capabilities in design and customer-specific product customization continue to be pivotal in the Maini brand equity’s growth across industry verticals.

Leveraging its technological capabilities, MMM initiated the indigenous manufacture of electric tow tugs in 2014. 

With its established, all-India presence and after-sales network, MMM is confident to meet customer expectations.