Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Dock Leveler - A must have for your loading bay!

Dock levelers are a necessity for loading bay in manufacturing plants & warehouses. A dock leveler is a mechanical platform which forms a bridge between the vehicle & the dock. It facilitates smooth loading & unloading operation in warehouses by ensuring that the vehicle height reaches the height of the platform. Efficiency of a warehouse largely depends on how efficiently these activities are performed. Using a dock leveler reduces manual operations & operation time hence increasing efficiency. A dock leveler can be mechanical, air or hydraulically powered and comes in many varieties to suit different uses. It is a completely customizable product.

Maini Materials Movement laid the foundation of Dock Leveler manufacturing in India. Maini offers highly efficient full hydraulic dock leveler, which provides simple, low maintenance operation for loading and unloading operations from the truck & containers. Maini Dock leveler has a unique tilt facility. When the truck is canted to one side due to unevenly distributed loads, tilt allows Dock Leveler to compensate canted condition on either side up to 100 mm. This floating action allows full width contact between the lip & the truck bed, prevents damage to tyres & steering system. Its robust steel construction and responsive & reliable hydraulic system ensures safe operation. In the current growth scenario existing in industries & warehouses, safety is paramount. Maini Dock Levelers ensure safety of operator & the people around by features like Velocity Fuse, Safety Skirt & Emergency Stop. Precision safety velocity fuse on cylinder prevents free fall of the deck in case of hose rupture / failure. Safety skirt provides additional safety by preventing accidents when the Dock Leveler is in lifted condition.

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