Monday, 14 September 2015

Delivering high performance and low energy consumption with Yale counterbalanced forklifts

Nowadays, it is vital for the companies to make certain the smooth running of their warehouses. Insufficient Warehouse Space, Slow Picking Processes, inefficiency and less productivity are some of the key problems faced.

The Yale CF series forklift truck will be handy for figuring out the above mentioned difficulties, as it is energy saving and productive. CF series–4 wheel electric forklift trucks from Yale marks great on operator comfort with its virtually graceful operations.Clean and highly maneuverable CF series of forklift trucks are best for use in a wide range of tough applications. 

Yale’s CF is elegantly designed with an intention to offer you a cost effective truck that is high on performance and energy saving. Long wheelbase, low profile tyres and a heavy battery set (DBB) increase machine stability and make the truck good in appeal.

Maini in association with Yale presents Maini Express , a mobile experience centre covering more than 50 cities and 200 + industrial hubs across the country to provide an exclusive “touch and feel” experience of YaleCF series electric forklift.

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