Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Maini Group showcased Comprehensive Warehousing Solutions at India Warehousing Show

Maini Group participated in the 6th edition of India Warehousing Show that offered a great platform for companies from the warehousing industry to showcase their products and capabilities to the user industry segment.

Maini showcased comprehensive warehousing & material handling solutions at the show. This included display of various racking and storage solutions for warehouses (pallet racking, mezzanine, shelving) to optimize their storage space.  1 Ton battery operated pallet truck, suitable for narrow aisle warehouses and 1.5 ton Yale Maini electric forklift were also on display.

Maini Materials Movement also introduced Goods Lift in their stall. It is an ideal solution for stores and mezzanine area to transport material from one floor to another in a multi-level warehouse. With its smooth integration option with existing storage system and best of safety features, it was an instant attraction for the visitors at the show.

Rahul Sagar, AGM-Marketing, Maini group commented “The show helped us to strengthen Maini’s position as comprehensive warehousing solution provider. We received enthusiastic response from all the business visitors for our solutions. With Delhi NCR becoming a major warehousing hub in the country, the show was strategically located in Delhi.”

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